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Linksys WiFi 6E Products
The Fastest, Most Powerful Mesh WiFi System Yet

Next Generation of WiFi

With mobile traffic at an all-time high, a new, much needed WiFi band is now available. The 6GHz band offers uncluttered channels for more capacity, a stronger signal, and faster data transfer for all your smart home and bandwidth heavy devices.

Connect with Multi-Gigabit Speeds

WiFi 6E is designed to deliver multi-gigabit WiFi speeds by providing 5X more channels on a wider spectrum, reducing noise between nodes and providing more avenues to connect your client devices. A 5 Gbps port offers even more ways for multi-gigabit speed, allowing you to connect a multi-gigabit client with less congestion between Nodes.

WiFi Expanded

By unlocking more WiFi channels for use, including 14 80MHz channels and 7 160MHz channels, the 6GHz WiFi band delivers a crystal-clear signal and ultra-fast WiFi speeds that have all your devices covered, including the latest AR and VR additions and 8K streaming devices, with nearly limitless bandwidth.

Featuring Qualcomm® WiFi 6E

An industry-leading platform for delivering the ultimate WiFi 6E experience. This next-generation technology transforms home and business WiFi with its wire-like stability, and blazing fast performance.

Qualcomm WiFi 6E

Linksys WiFi 6E Products

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